Individual Gem Certificate with Color Photograph (IGC)

The Individual Numbered Gemstone Identification Certificate professionally documents the results of a full examination of a material. The results detailed will identify the material examined giving such identifying characteristics such as color, clarity/transparency, shape, cut, dimensions, weight and a colored photo. The report will also state whether it is natural or synthetic and if the material has been treated to enhance its Appearance by an identifiable treatment (Heat treatment, diffusion processes, glass filling, etc.). It will also be noted if it is a stimulant with no known Natural counterpart, or if it has been assembled from two or more separate components. The Certificate will be signed by GG & FGA Qualified Gemologists and will come in a presentable laminated case.

Lot Identification Certificates: (LIC)

The gemstones will be tested at random and an identification certificate will be issued with a color photograph and it comes in a branded laminated cover.

Individual Gem Certification Cards (IGCC)

The gemstone will be tested and the results of the examination of a stone will be detailed in a card with a color photograph.